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Conditions of website usage

Information correctness

All information and materials in our webpage can be used for providing the general information about our company, products and services.  All of these information and materials are provided with good intention to be useful for the customers.
We are always publishing the information and materials correctly, updated and the most accurate but we are not responsible for potential unintended misinformation and inaccuracy.  We do not issue announcements or guarantees regarding usage of these information or materials for specific purposes.  We reserve the right to improve, change or delete information or materials whenever without previous announcement.

Access and usage of information

Visitor´s or user´s access to this website is strictly restricted to browsing, using, downloading and saving the information available on this website exclusively for personal usage only to realize the purchase of products.
Access to this website and sharing of information and materials for commercial purposes, further use of the information, text, images, documents, or other media and information to any public or private posting on forums, blogs and other electronic or non-electronic media sites, or for any purpose other than to impose these conditions, or any entry or attempted entry into other areas of computer system or web interface of our company and the web interface, or in other areas of information for any purpose is strictly prohibited and may be an incentive for eligibility for damages or result in criminal proceedings brought against your person.