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We deliver the goods worldwide.

Goods are delivered by courier services such as DHL, UPS, FedEx and other, or by post office. Goods can be also picked up personally in Bratislava or in special cases by own free transport within Slovakia. More information can be found in section Worldwide shipping.

Delivery cost depends on particular package, its size, weight, place of delivery or required lead time. It means the cost is made to measure according to customer´s requirements. In each business we inform our customers about the possibilities they can choose from. If possible and the total order value reaches certain value, we send the goods to some countries for free.

Advance payment is preferred and in special cases other conditions can be agreed.
Payments can be executed by bank transfer, Paypal or Western Union.

Payments are accepted in the currency specified in Sale Agreement. We prefer payments in Euros (EUR) and in special cases, depending on the agreement, in American dollars (USD).

All options and information regarding system of payment are always presented in the Sale Agreement.

The inquiry can be sent by following ways:

1.  directly to e-mail address
2.  via web interface by inquiry tool by clicking on the "Send Inquiry" button on the product page.

We are always trying to process your inquiry without delay as soon as possible. If possible, we answer on your inquiry on ordering day, but within 24-48 hours at latest. In case of any delay, we will continuously inform you about its status.

Each inquiry is registered under a unique identification number that works for specific inquiry identification in each communication form.

Each inquiry or order is processed by standard procedures from evidence, identification, price offer, order acceptance and payment to shipping and package receiving by satisfied customer.

Inquiry can be placed as tentative until the official order is placed where General Terms and Conditions must be followed.

M.O.Q can be set for each specific product, but it can vary depending on individual product.

If specific product has given minimal order quantity, it is associated with overall price of ordered goods. You can decrease the minimal order quantity of specific item in some cases by adding more products to the order that regulate (decrease) the value of entire order.

Registration advantage is entering the contact information and settings just once during the first inquiry and in case of other inquiry you will only log in into your account and your data are automatically loaded what will save your time with repeated filling in. If available you have an access to all information, also those additionally added functions of user account (history, overview, online support...).

Your data can be edited whenever after your logging into the account.

Click on the Forgotten password in the section My account, put your contact e-mail address entered in registration into the column and send the request for registration data that will be sent to you to the particular e-mail.

You can contact us by phone, e-mail with our express replies, Skype or by our Online Chat support available almost all day.

More information can be found in section Contacts.

Online chat support is a unique way to contact us. We provide almost permanent technical and general chat support.

You can enter the chat by clicking on the chat icon situated in the right bottom corner of your web browser in the main window on the website.

Thereafter the first available operator will be logged in.

It is easy, free, quick and effective.

If they are available in stock, they are shipped within 24 hours, otherwise within 3-5 days after ordering. Non-standard or special product may have a longer lead time determined by manufacturer, but it depends on the concrete product.