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Cables and cable assemblies

Our special service is mediated  cables production, cable assembly and cable harness made to measure according to customer´s requests.  We focus on simple classic serial cables and also on untypical prototypes almost without limitation.

The standard cables are for example:
- Various PC and network cables (USB cables, LAN Ethernet patch cables, optical cables...)
- Audio/video cables (HDMI cables, Jack cables...)
- Power and network cables and cords (EU, UK, USA, ASIA)
- Antenne coaxial cables
and others.

Atypical cables are for example cables with crimped and soldered connectors like Wire-to-board, Wire-to-Wire (housing, wafer), various spiral coiled cables, flexible cables, Flat cables, FFC and FCC cables and different others.

This includes also various industrial cables for specialised industries such as automotive industry, engineering industry, or also laboratory, measuring or testing cables.

Our production capacity is setup for big regular series, but also smaller ones.

What is the process?

1. Just contact us and send us: 
- preferably technical documentation with drawing
- the most detailed description of the whole cable and individual blocks (in case of complicated structure)
- classification and final application (at least a kind of application and a sphere of usage)
- photo of completed prototype (if available) - accurate list and identification of used components - if available, completed sample after introductory communication (help for more accurate price offer and production)

2. Then...
- we will send you price offer and realisation proposal
- If you have an interest and it is possible, we will propose you other cheaper kind of production by using alternative components to maintain cable characteristics functionally and parametrically
- we will maintain production sample after price offer acceptance that will cost you an advance payment returned after you place an order.

Gallery of the Cables and Cable assemblies which we realized: