To our managed products belong also contact IC and contactless smart cards. It concerns RFID and NFC contactless chip cards called also Smart cards with identification to short distance by reader and contact chip cards with direct contact with the reader with with character of the memory card or magnetic stripe cards.

We provide tailor-made manufacture of all card types according to client´s requirements. The client can choose integrated chip, cards width and also design with printing based on provided graphic plan.

Contactless cards can be of two versions:

1. standard (SLIM) card - Dimensions(LxWxH): (86mm)×(54mm)×(0,76mm , 0,8mm, 0,96mm,...) alebo iná...) (+/-0.04mm))
2. Thick (CLAMSHELL) card - Dimensions(LxWxH): (86mm)×(54mm)×(1,8mm , or other...)

SLIM cards have unified concept in general, but full-color printing and shape cutting of cards is possible.

Electronic wallets, bank credit cards, ID cards, collection of information and data…

Cards delivery depends on expected amount and specific requirements. Basic cards without printing with standard chips are available in stock for immediate delivery or by bigger quantities and tailor-made designs delivery can be done within 5 days since the order.

Table of standardly available chips by cards type:

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